This 2-day interactive, live event led by Lisa Nichols -- is designed to help YOU scale your Network Marketing business AND help you build up your personal brand…

This is HANDS DOWN the best way to elevate your brand…

And learn the foundations of what it means to become a TRULY unforgettable storyteller…

On top of that, you’ll get the tools you need to RAPIDLY grow your Network Marketing business.

This will be our MOST interactive, transformative, AND results-inducing event EVER.


You gain unstoppable network marketing techniques from Marina Worre PLUS speaking & storytelling mastery from Lisa Nichols.

Marina is the Co-Founder & CEO of Network Marketing Pro, Inc. – the largest and most respected training company for Network Marketing Professionals in the world.

Additionally, she and her husband Eric Worre have produced thousands of hours of video-based training content and some of the largest and most prestigious in-person training events in the world. Most recently in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, she built the state-of-the-art 25,000sq.ft. Worre Studios that now hosts the largest virtual events.

She is a brilliant, driven force who exemplifies the notion that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Lisa is one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers and a transformational coach, whose global platform has reached and served over 80 million people.

She’ll share how to deliver your story with impact and meaning, powerfully connect with your audience, and effortlessly have people wanting more.

Together, they’re power!

And YOU get it all… to make an IMPACT in your business.

And the most exciting part of all?!

You’ll have a chance to rub elbows (IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY) with amazing peers and Leaders from around the world just like you…

Who’ll become new accountability partners and friends.

You’re going to grow, learn, and celebrate like never before!

Together we will help you BECOME the kind of storyteller and Leader in Network Marketing YOU need to be…

In order to secure your financial future and increase your income…

It’s time to step out into a powerful new YOU.

Thousands of Leaders have built their brands, created EFFECTIVE marketing, and DRASTICALLY increased their income because of the IMPACT event…

June 29th & 30th
Attend Virtually or In-Person
at Worre Studios, Las Vegas Nevada



IMPACT is for serious Network Marketers who are ready to expand their brand, impact, AND income.

This is going to be everything our previous events were, and MORE—including new opportunities to meet, get coaching from Marina Worre and Lisa Nichols.

Join us and together we will:

You’ll get all of that and a lot more, live and in-person or virtually.

For those who attend in-person with us you’ll get the full benefits of networking with like-minded Network Marketers face-to-face…

AND the chance to party with us as well. The combined force of Lisa Nichols and Marina Worre – is unstoppable!

You don’t want to miss out.

By the end of this event, you’ll have already taken action on the tangible strategy we’ll create together…

With a clear vision of where you’re going and all of the tools you need to get there.

It’s time to step up and create income stability and long term wealth…

By learning to SPEAK impactfully, improve your branding, and build a thriving Network Marketing business. What are you waiting for

This event offers practical AND actionable steps you can use NOW to further your Network Marketing and/or entrepreneur Career to new SOARING heights!

And at the end of IMPACT expect to...

Sound like exactly where you need to be to level up?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Is it time to play full-out and invest in yourself so you can experience the full-on GROWTH that your entire life has been leading up to?

If you’ve ever wanted to meet in person, OR you’d like to come hang out in person again, join me!

This is your chance to come be coached by Lisa, celebrate with me and Lisa, and grow your business – live, IN PERSON.

I Guarantee that:

This works 100% of the time… for 100% of the people… who do 100% of the work!

Enroll Below - and we’ll see you at IMPACT:
The Next Chapter of YOUR Network Marketing career!


  • TICKET TO IMPACT ($4,997 Value) – A 2-day interactive, live event led by Lisa Nichols — designed to help YOU scale your profitable, thriving Network Marketing business and personal brand.

Plus…THESE Special Event-only Bonuses!

  • NETWORK WITH COACHES The coaches will be ready and waiting on each break in breakout rooms and in the hallways to accelerate your learning, practice REAL TIME and celebrate you at every corner. ($3,000 VALUE)

  • HOT SEAT BEFORE THE PARTY DAY 2, Laser coaching providing direct, immediate problem solving answers that can shift and accelerate your business ($1500 VALUE)

  • CURATED BREAKOUT ROOMS THIS is where you can really CONNECT with your Peers and Leaders in Network Marketing! (PRICELESS!)

  • First 300 people can attend LIVE IN-PERSON – You will be in an immersive experience that will quantum grow your takeaway and your ability to apply more learning sooner and quicker. ($3,000 VALUE)

Event Special Total Value: $12,497+

JUST $2,997 TODAY!


ADD a Spouse/Partner – Discounted 50%!

(You must provide evidence of your qualifying relationship with your Spouse/Partner)

Right now, is your chance to STEP UP… and take action.

But you can only do that IF you’re both interested in making BIG shifts in your career…

And READY to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

Otherwise I can’t help you.

But IF you are coachable and ready to take action… I’m offering my most outrageous 300% guarantee.

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